Premiere  28.8.2019
at Cirko – Center for New Circus
Other 14 performances 30.8.-22.9.2019


Eira Virekoski

Alma Lehmuskallio

Henna Kaikula, Alma Lehmuskallio, Eira Virekoski

Performers and Co-creators:
Anne-Mari Alaspää, Milla Järvinen, Henna Kaikula, Saku Mäkelä, Eero Vesterinen

Set & Costume design:
Janne Vasama and Riina Nieminen

Set and costume design assistance:
Oscar Dempsey

Set construction:
Janne Vasama, Riina Nieminen, Oscar Dempsey, Albert Sundström and Nicke von Weissenberg

Sound design:
Joonas Outakoski

Lighting design:
Ainu Palmu

Hair & makeup:
Tia Kokljuschkin

Emilia Hänninen


Helsinki Festival, Cirko

Supported by:
Kone Foundation, Samuel Huberin taidesäätiö, Arts Promotion Centre Finland

There’s no room for my wings (2019)


There’s no room for my wings, by the Sivuhenkilöt working group, is a new premiere in which limbs hanging in the air meet awkward situations, collapsing office furniture and love for a human being. It tells a tale of emotional exclusion and reveals how things buried within tend to come out in the worst possible situation.

The fictional workplace sells personalised mugs and wall decals. Live Laugh Love. Smile every day. Unlike the slogans on the mugs, the hopes and emotions of the company’s five employees do not stay in line but fly out like birds against windows. The performance consists of aerial acrobatics, physical theatre, wings, weight, laughter and shame.

Sivuhenkilöt is a group founded in 2016 to combine modern circus and theatre, to celebrate astounding abilities and to seek ambiguous stage scenes. The group’s first performance called Sivuhenkilöt (Sidekicks) premiered at Suomenlinna in 2016 and received glowing reviews.

The show was realised in co-operation with Helsinki Festival and Cirko – Center for Contemporary Circus.

Spoken language of the show is Finnish. English subtitles available.


And with what kind of movement! Anne-Mari Alaspää, Milla Järvinen, Henna Kaikula, Saku Mäkelä and Eero Vesterinen // [The performers] weave a breathtakingly stunning and versatile new language of acrobatics and dance, whose power of expression and tones beat mere speech.

In any case, There’s no room for my wings enchants the audience and takes them on a journey that will leave a lasting impression.

Demokraatti (29.8.2019)

A delightfully naive ending is the icing on the cake in this show, which I recommend even to those unfamiliar with contemporary circus: it’s at once accessible and profound, leaving a lasting impression.

Sonja Mäkelä, HBL (3.9.3019)

(…) the performers, who find themselves in awkward and even more awkward positions and situations, create their own language from the very beginning, without aiming for quick wins through spectacle and impact.

Maria Säko, HS (3.9.2019)