Eira is a writer and a dramaturge working in dramatic and performing arts. Eira has written one feature film, a few plays and participated in working groups that have mixed theater, dance, circus and performance. Latest works are Kaikki Edessä (Finnish National Theatre, 2016), Jenni Kivelä’s Kylli-Koira ja elämisen sietämätön kepeys (Kiltit Ihmiset & Hurjaruuth, 2017) and Hautajaiset (YLE Radiotheater, 2017).


Alma is a theatre director graduated from the Theatre Academy in 2015, with a background in dancing and acting. Alma’s last directing works include Häräntappoase in Kotka City Theatre and Näkymätön lapsi in Oulu City Theatre. Apart from drama theater she has also directed contemporary circus and dance performances as well as radio plays in both Finland and Sweden. She is specialized in physical expression, breaking genre boundaries and combining hilarity and melancholia. What interests her the most in directing are the relationship between theatre and reality, the presence and skills of a person, miracles and the savage fight between controlled and uncontrolled.


Henna graduated from the Swedish Cirkus Cirkör’s circus artist education 14 years ago with hand-balancing and contortion as her main disciplines. The everyday life of an acrobat has consisted of a pile of office work, travels to different corners of the globe and of regular osteopathy treatments. In addition to these Henna performs in different performing arts projects in Finland and abroad, finding cross- disciplinary collaborations most fulfilling. Henna also works as an initiator and producer as she simply is too restless to wait.


Graduated from Sibelius Academy 2013 and Theater Academy 2016, Joonas works as a sound designer, composer and musician. Besides the Finnish theater field, Joonas is also contemplating in his self-built recording studio in Vallila, Helsinki.


Ainu is a freelance lighting designer who works mostly on contemporary circus and dance productions. She has worked in projects by Pirjo Yli-Maunula, Juha Hurme and WHS among others. Ainu is also a light artist and a qualified architectural light designer. “If I could just take photos I would just take photos”, she daydreams.


Janne graduated as a scenographer from the Aalto University’s Department of Film, Television and Scenography in 2015. He has formerly studied design and architecture. Janne has worked as a freelance scenographer, video- and costume designer in theatres in Southern Finland, among others Finnish National Theatre, Viirus Theatre and KOM Theatre.


Originally from Lahti, Milla is a rascal who dreamed to be a prima ballerina, sank into circus via theater and was thrown on the Sivuhenkilöt ride. She has graduated from Le Lido, 2015, ringtrapeze as her speciality. Currently Milla is working on her second solo performance “Laulunarvoinen” for ringtrapeze but she doesn’t like statuses and tends to work also by writing, singing and doing community art, to mention some. She is also a co-founder of AgriSirkus, a Summer Residence for young circus artists.


Saku is a dancer and circus acrobat that has graduated from DOCH circus school in Stockholm. He has worked in all kinds of roles in musicals, theater, dance, circus and many more. Latest works have been with Wusheng Company, Agit-Cirk and Myllyteatteri. Currently he is working with Race Horse Company and his own projects.


Ulla Raitio is an actress who has worked for the Finnish National Theatre, Myllyteatteri and Theatre Nirvana, among others. Besides theatre she loves to be near the forest and disappear there every now and then. Music, writing and handcrafts are also an important part of her life.